The class of 1953 at Central High looked like a scene straight out of the movie Grease, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. The entire class was divided between greasers, jocks, and nerds. Times were different then. There was bullying, but it was different. They bullying at Central High took the form of silly practical jokes, a whoopee cushion here and there and some teachers getting very upset with students. It was all in clean fun though. At the current high school reunion, I was glad to see Patty McFadden there and boy has she aged well. As a secret crush of mine, she looked just as beautiful as ever. The reunion brought back many different memories for me. My sister joined a dance studio Syosset where she is having fun in an adult class that is teaching her how to tap dance.

I can remember growing up during the depression and how difficult it was to get out of it. I can clearly see my lunchbox, a tin fold over kind with a tin thermos inside. Mamma used to put warm tomato soup in there along with a grilled cheese sandwich. This was back when kids were actually allowed to sit down and eat for an hour and not be rushed by the 15 minute lunch schedule. We would sit and trade apples or every once in a while, someone had a snack that they would split amongst all of their friends. We used an electrician Long Island to help us set up our electrical system in the brand new home that we built overlooking the Great South Bay.
My best buddy often had a piece of chocolate in his lunchbox as his dad owned the penny candy store up the road. I remember thinking how lucky he was to be able to pick whichever candy he wanted for free! I failed to see how lucky we all were. We all grew up in a wonderful era and even though times were tough, our high school reunion reminded me that the times were ours and they were the best times ever!

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